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“The 2016 Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival presented by the Brisbane Jazz Club is truly “Something To Sing About!”.  

This Festival is a celebration of the Jazz Voice complemented by some of the most talented musicians in the country. This festival will also celebrate 3 generations of jazz singers.

In the last 15 years, Brisbane has grown to be a unique hub for jazz vocalists, partly due to the wonderful educational programs at The Queensland Conservatorium of Music and JMI as well as through dedicated private teachers and school programs, but also because there has been one constant in the last 15 years – that is the iconic Jazz Singers’ Jam Night held once a month at the Brisbane Jazz Club, where thousands of singers of many generations and of all levels of skill have graced the stage in front of a supportive audience, in order to develop their specialisation in the art of Vocal Jazz.

This inaugural Festival is a natural extension of the years of dedication many have put into working as a team to provide a pathway for Jazz Singers to showcase their talents…and this year, the festival will gather together top quality Australian Jazz vocalists to perform alongside local jazz artists at the Brisbane Jazz Club (a dedicated not-for-profit orgnaisation run by volunteers for 40+ years.)

The Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival (BVJF) and BJC’s intention and philosophy is to create a greater standard of excellence in Queensland so that all jazz singers feel supported and encouraged to excel in their own hometown, as well as present world-class performances to a dedicated and growing audience.

We hope to bridge the gap between vocalists and instrumentalists demonstrating that the voice is equal as an instrument to any other in the jazz world!

This Festival will celebrate the diversity of the Jazz Vocal art form.  Jazz has the power to “develop imaginative thinking, creativity, curosity, a positive self-image, and a respect for others’ cultural heritage”. (www.monkinstitute.org)

The importance of a specialist Vocal Jazz Festival as a unique art form needs to be preserved, providing a powerful voice for the future and celebrates jazz as a unique art form that can help mould and reflect the society in which it belongs!”

Ingrid James, Artistic Director (BVJF)