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Alan Western  Di Clark  Ian Beddows  Ingrid James  Inversion Vocal Group

Irene Bartlett  Naomi Doessel  Nic Jeffries   Nina Ferro   Pearly Black

Pete Vance  Peter Uppman  Skety  Steve Taylor-Brown

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Blues Point Vocal Group   Boutique Brews Brass Band   Denise Harris   Di Clark   Dorian Mode   Helen Russell   Jessica Spina   Leigh Carriage   Maggie Britton   Melissa Forbes   Myrczek and Tomaszewski   Toni Allayialis-Hepi

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Fem Belling    Kelsey Giarola    The Idea of North  JMI Singers  Ingrid James  Tamara O’Callaghan  Tyrone Noonan   Kacey Patrick   QUEENSLAND CONSERVATORIUM OF MUSIC SINGERS   Wilma Redding   Sharny Russell   Tommy See Poy   Pete Vance   Alan Western  Melissa Western