Peter Uppman

Peter Uppman

Peter Uppman’s multi award-winning style is instantly recognisable, receiving accolade after accolade for his work as a world-class trumpeter, singer, songwriter and entertainer.

A professional performer of more than 30 years, Peter has a massive repertoire encompassing all styles of jazz, rock, pop, country and Latin. He also possesses the unique ability to communicate with his audiences, utilising humour combined with superb musicianship.

Having worked with dozens of internationally renowned artists, Peter has also been featured many times on national television, radio and media publications, with several of his albums selling via major outlets worldwide.

Typical Accolades for Uppman:

• “…A Jazz Natural!” (Courier Mail Newspaper)

• “…A Jazz Sensation – Jazz Player Extraordinaire!” (Sunday Sun)

• “…Terrific – A Great Showman!” (Darryl Summers – Channel 9)

• “…Hard Driving – Fierce and Flashing!” (Australian Jazz Magazine)

• “…Simply Quite Dazzling – He’s a Full Orchestra!” (Reg Livermore)

• Peter Uppman on trumpet is renowned for his ability to engage the audience. (Victorian Jazz Club)

• Peter Uppman is one of those few individuals who manages being an excellent front man, as well as trumpeter and vocalist, and when you surround him with fine musicians you get a really great show, combining music and humour. (Gold Coast Jazz Club)